Why Should You Visit UK this Year?

English people are considered as modest people in the world. England is a best place to visit. This country has surprising, charming and exciting places to visit. People from everywhere in the world comes to England every year. Heritage of England is something to be proud of. UK has diversity of culture. It has coastal areas, it has hills, it has festivals and food stuff it attracts everyone. For the past few years due to the arrival of so many people in England, it has become a most thrilling destination of Europe. But still England has addiction that no other country in the world has.

House Sitting UK England

United Kingdom of Great Britain has four countries that are Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England. The residents of these countries are overall called British. Or they are called as English, Scot or Scotsman, Welsh and Irish or also Northern Irish according to their cultural heritage. These four countries have different cultural touch, they have different norms but still they share many customs.

St-Georges Day Traveller

Politeness, humbleness, and self-discipline are common among English people. They are found courteous, modest and loyal. They are proud of the history of their country.

People of Scotland which are called Scots are seen passionate about their country’s heritage. Scots appear diffident at first sight but in reality they have extreme sentiments about their love ones, their family, their traditions, and their country. Scots don’t believe in class system. But they are conscious about religion.

Scotland Tradition

You will see that Catholics are with Catholics and Protestants are with Protestants. Scots have enthusiastic and delicate sense of humor. They respect kindness and morality. Although Wales has its own language and customs, it has been the part of United Kingdom for more than 400 years. Large number of residents of Wales have English or Welsh heritage. Welsh are proud of their country and love to spend leisure time with their families and friends. Great number of immigrants from over the entire world comes to UK every year.

In Northern Ireland two-third of people have Scottish and English base. Rest of the people is pure Irish people. Irish themselves are very friendly, down to earth and they value friendly people and sincere behavior. They don’t like fake people with pretentious attitude. They are ethical towards their work. They love their families.


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